工坊预告 | Be creative! Accelerate your ideas and envisions!

撰稿:任熹培  编辑:姚成章

时间:2021年4月7日、8日 – 下午2点至6点



世界在近几个月来确实改变了很多,我们面临着很多无法通过经验去应对的新挑战。但我们不应该忘记此时非常需要通过创造力,使我们保持平衡、解决工作和个人任务。尽管网络生活已成为日常所需,但我们所身处的社会的数字化使我们处于一定的孤立状态。 这种情景对于设计师而言也很困难,因为他们的创作工作需要与其他专家互动。 设计领域中的“协作”更多是关于复杂的解决方案和创新过程。 跨学科协作对于设计师至关重要,因此在线交流不应扼杀他们的新想法和新愿景。

Although we live in a world that has literally changed before our eyes in recent months and face new challenges with which we have no experience, we should not forget that creativity is very much needed at this time and can lead us to balance as well as to solving work and personal tasks. The digitization of the society of which we are a part brings us into a certain isolation, even though we are all online. This can be difficult for designers, because their creative work very often requires interaction with other experts. Collaboration in the field of design is more about a complex solution and innovation process in these days. Interdisciplinary collaboration is essential for designers, so online communication should not stifle their new ideas and visions.


工作坊的目的是支持内在的创造力,并根据在线设计思维的原理,通过创新技术加速新的想法和愿景。 该工作坊是基于作者去年与98位产品设计师(包括学生和专业人士)进行的专注于数字时代跨学科合作的关键能力的国际研究。 这项工作成果已在2020年亚洲数字艺术与设计国际会议(ADADA + CUMULUS 2020)上发表。

The aim of the workshop is to support inner creativity and accelerate new ideas and visions through creative techniques based on the principle of Design Thinking online. The workshop is based on international research conducted by its author last year with a group of 98 product designers (students and professionals) focusing on key competencies for interdisciplinary collaboration in the digital age. The results of this research work were presented at the International Conference for Asia Digital Art and Design 2020 (ADADA + CUMULUS 2020).



Tomas Chochole 是捷克共和国西波西米亚大学Ladislav Sutnar设计与艺术学院的副院长,负责项目开发。他同时是研究员、独立记者和教师。Tomas热衷于项目和跨学科的团队合作,他的兴趣使他参与了多个国际项目的跨学科合作。 他帮助学生连接商业和创造力世界,以便他们可以在实际任务中工作并建立自己的作品集。 他曾在西波西米亚大学和扬·阿莫斯·夸美纽斯大学接受教育。 他的博士论文专注于通过发展导师的基本技能,以期为低文化和科技水平的人带来更多雇佣机会。Tomas的研究和授课活动中,常利用他的新闻经验中创新合作的方式,关注与探索解决问题和创造力的方法。

Tomas Chochole loves projects and interdisciplinary teamwork. His interests brought him to the interdisciplinary cooperation in several international project. He is independent journalist, lecturer, researcher and vice-dean for projects and development at Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Czech Republic. He helps to connect the world of business and creativity and brings orders and practical tasks among students so that they can work on them and build their portfolios. He was educated at West Bohemia University in Pilsen and at Jan Amos Comenius University in Prague. In his doctoral thesis he focused on the development of competencies of basic skills tutors with regard to better employment of people with low literacy, numeracy and IT in the labour market. In his research and lecturer activities he is focusing and exploring innovative ways of cooperation, problems solving and creativity, using his journalistic experience.


Ben Hughes教授、姜可教授、任熹培副教授