2021 Practical Design Innovation Award (PDIA)


大赛介绍  Introduction

In common with every area of our lives, the design discipline is encountering unprecedented challenges and enormous opportunities. One of these opportunities is a fundamental reappraisal of design education embracing global trends of inclusivity, sustainability and world-class standards. In this context, Beijing Institute of Technology is launching the Practical Design Innovation Award (PDIA) to promote the area of practical design education to celebrate outstanding examples of this work from around the world.

We define Practical Design as work that is developed in response to a specific problem or situation, employing a rational design approach to achieve a design that is fit-for-purpose, tested and applicable in a real-world scenario.

面向对象  Eligibility

All students enrolled in (and recent graduates from) a design course at any higher education institution are eligible. An entry may be derived from graduation work, coursework, or work specifically developed to fit with the competition requirements. Students may participate individually or as part of a team.

大赛要求  Competition Brief

Entries may be in any area, including but not limited to product design, industrial design, service design, spatial design, interaction design. The work should be developed in response to a real-world  problem or situation that the project has identified.  The scale of the problem is of secondary importance to the innovation and creative thinking displayed.  Entries should be able to demonstrate how the design has been prototyped and tested and should communicate a  design that is fit-for-purpose, tested and applicable in a  practical sense.

赛程安排  Timeline

Call for entry


Deadline for entry


First round


Shortlist Announced


Final evaluation


Final awards


奖项设置  Awards


The Organizing Committee will distribute the prizes to the corresponding winners by bank transfer according to the judging results and in accordance with the relevant fiscal regulations and procedures of the People's Republic of China.

作品提交  Submission

Work should be submitted via online system only.


email: info@hipdia.com


Submission elements should not include the name of the entrant or any icon, graphical element related to the identity of the entrant.

评审团  Judges


组织架构  Organizational structure


Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)


School of Design and Arts, BIT

International Design Centre, School of Design and Arts, BIT

Key Laboratory of Industrial Manufacturing Art Innovation and Design of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology


BIT  Tangshan Research Institute


School of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University

School of Design and Creativity, Tongji University

School of Industrial Design, Guangzhou Institute of Fine Arts

School of Art and Design, Guangdong University of Technology

Coventry University, UK

Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Kyushu University, Faculty of Design, Japan

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Nottingham University of Ningbo

National College of Design, Ireland

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Georgia Institute of Technology

Coventry University

Brunel University

Central Saint Martins

University for the Creative Arts

Northumbria University

University of Strathclyde(Design Manufacturing & Engineering Management)

University of Hertfordshire

Wolverhampton School of Art

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Intellectual Property/知识产权

The intellectual property relating to all competition entries remains the property of the entrant. The competition organisers reserve the right to reproduce images of the entry for the means of mutually beneficial publicity.


1. PDIA Committee shall not be responsible for the wrong submitted information in publicity, printing and exhibition because of wrong information submission of participants.

2. PDIA Committee shall not be responsible for any disputes on rights and interests between participants, winners or other third parties.

3. If the submission information is incorrect, PDIA Committee shall not be responsible for revising the certificate, and shall not bear any responsibility.

4. PDIA Committee shall not be responsible for any damage or loss due to force majeure as natural disaster, war and country policy.

5. Participants shall be deemed to agree above terms once submitting the entry. DIA Committee reserves the right of final interpretation and jurisdiction.

Consultation email: info@hipdia.com