After years of investment and construction, the school currently owns a variety of labs, workshops and institutes, including the Human Factors Engineering and Interactive Design Lab, the Digital Virtual Image Lab, the Automobile Design Workshop, the Modeling Lab, the Seat Design and Study Institute and the Military Product Design Workshop, serving the purpose of matching the rapid development of the school, and improving teaching effectiveness and students’ practical skills. They provide ideal training grounds for students to carry out design projects and artistic creations.

The school also co-founded institutes for teaching, research and internship with well-known enterprises both in China and other countries, in order to improve students’ team spirit and creativeness. Apart from manual skills, the school attaches importance to cultivating students’ literacy in humanities, and encourages teachers and students to apply for academic and research projects featuring rational spirit.

Meanwhile, the school frequently hosts or co-hosts various internal or international academic conferences or forums, and invites established western or Chinese scholars to make visits or give lectures. Keeping friendly relationships with many colleges and universities, teachers and students of the school, under the support of the nation, BIT and the school, regularly or irregularly study and conduct research in well-known colleges overseas, so as to update themselves on the most recent developments in fields they study and participate in international artistic creations.