Famous Austrian writer Stefan Zweig once said when it comes to history though Goethe considers history with respect as the ‘God’s mysterious mills “but in this workshop, many are irrelevant and become habit... This workshop works as chroniclers, considering one thing and another as a chain of thousands of years with indifference and persistence. All the most important historic moment requires brewing time, because each event needs to have a development process.
Today, there are no earthshaking events in this album that we compile together. There is only a description of teachers' countless record of ordinary daily life and work. However, this is a record of our school's pioneers and later successors cultivating the land of ‘Design by BIT “with the ideal of developing Chinese designing. The fruits are grown after several years of cultivation. That is to say, Beijing Institute of Technology has grown up with the founding and development of new China. In 1939, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to establish natural science research institute in Yan'an in order to promote the Shanganning border region's industrial production and guarantee the success of revolution. It gradually develops into a comprehensive university with the combination of science, engineering, management and arts. Thirty years ago, the discipline of Industrial Design was established in order to adapt to China's national defense industry and economic construction and development with Groups of pioneers and builders dedicating themselves to the development of a new China. The development of the School of Design and Art in recent 30 years is small compared to that of the design in China and the whole world. However, the school has contributed a small bit to the development of designing which comprise some indispensable link or vital part in the chain of design education. Reviewing the past, it was this group that advocated developing modern industrial design with the industrial design colleagues in a few science and engineering universities who set up this major. They jointly explore to build a prototype of Industrial Design education and design a blueprint for the future development with some of the design predecessors... In fact, it became an important step in china's Industrial Design, filling the gap of the Industrial Design education history in China.
If the historic coincidence provides the development opportunity for our school, today's development is the result of relying on the colleagues ‘support and cooperation. In 2002, under the
new cultural situation and background of education reform, we decided to set up the School of Arts based on the major of Industrial Design. In 2009, it was officially changed to its current name School of Design and Arts in BIT.
In this process, the idea of constructing teaching system has been clear with the combination of Traditional Culture, Art and Design, and the promotion of Design and Fine Arts. Art Design and production are used to motivate personnel training on the basis of the artistic practice and scientific research. After 12 years of hard working, we have established six departments and one project. In addition to the development of first level design, fine arts discipline is also under construction. In addition, the Equipment Design Research Center, Interaction Design Research Center Laboratory, Vehicle Laboratory, Media Lab and Model Making Laboratory are set up successively to provide good teaching conditions with hardware support or the development of talent training. In 2012, the department of Industrial Design was named as the key major of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
There is no doubt that we face a common project under today's background of economic globalization and the internationalization of information. That is how to present the Chinese own cultural creativity to the whole world. In the face of such subject, education plays an important mission. Therefore, we obey the motto of BIT “Developing Virtues for Seeking Truth, pursuing Study for Perfecting Practice “relying on BIT's strong engineering background. We are unswervingly committed to the design education reform and exploration with industrial design as the base and interdisciplinary development as a characteristic, enhancing the humanistic connotation and
aesthetic purport as orientation in the design field. we will keep the attention to academic frontiers. we will constantly accumulate and innovate professional connotation, exploring an international personnel training path suitable for their own characteristics, reflecting cultural consciousness, rationality and artistic development.
The thirty years of development of School of Design and Art in BIT is the common effort of pioneers and peer colleagues' cooperation and even the large groups of alumni's responsibility for themselves and the understanding and support to the alma mater and collective. We are a big team. We are proud to harvest today's achievements and results and draw lessons from the past. We are looking forward to our future career to make constant progress for our undertaking and realize the booming of Chinese design and the revival of Chinese culture.

We are looking forward to build bright future with our efforts.

Yang Jian Ming