Visual Communication Design Digital interaction design lab was built in 2010 , it aims to train with the creative , innovative design talent . The culture integrated into the design of digital interactive and play the best results , the implementation of practices based culture , with leading hardware and software platform enables young students Creators can be achieved. Laboratory equipment system equipped with an image acquisition, animation design , digital interactive three-part design , multimedia design to meet the digital interactive teaching and practice of scientific research programs.

Laboratory to be built into rubber shadow editing, animation art design and production, multimedia systems at the core of the comprehensive experimental media center and its accompanying computer-aided design center , it reached the level of standard equipment and services company specializing in teaching on the basis of guarantee frontier level, teachers and students research and social demand combined to provide equipment and technical support. Digital interactive art and design labs to meet project completion ® multimedia courses and curriculum interface , animation design course teaching task ; complete digital multimedia will be Video design work model ; round to meet primary film and television editing and animation design collection work ;
To participate in training to complete the study of teaching and research cooperation projects. Digital Media Lab by shooting early filming and digital media production lab , the post-editing , students can participate in hands-on work in digital media planning, the whole process of shooting and editing , under the overall guidance of the teacher to carry out a series of propagation Studies related professional digital interactive work training, internships and comprehensive training , improve the practical application ability .