About the Department of Art Theory Studies

Founded in 2011, the Department of Art Theory Studies is a research institute for carrying out design art theory education and studies as well as building academic cooperation and communications.

Research in fundamental theories is the foundation for making breakthrough in applicable research and frontier science & technology research, and for establishing and improving the field of design. The principle goal of the department is to study design & art histories and theories of China and other countries, and to encourage design & art creations. It is furthering its research in contemporary design & art schools and constructing a theoretical study dimension featuring the academic system combining traditional and national theories with the most recent ones. Meanwhile, while maintaining academic openness, the department is exploring methods for modern design & art education, so as to update current visions in this field and encourage more innovative works.

The department is mainly responsible for teaching fundamental theories, conducting research, editing and publishing academic books, hosting academic forums or lectures, and establishing the academic database for the School of Design and Arts.

  • 2015-12-30

    Professor from BWU Gives Lecture in BIT
  • 2015-12-30

    German Professor Harald Hullmann Address...