Professor at Tokyo University of Education (Tsukuba University) while reading as cultural ambassadors Kobe lectures around the world and participate in the offshore airport construction projects. From the viewpoint of interdisciplinary point of view, the publishing of the "creative engineering, you know? . " And lectured at home and abroad. To create from thought to mimic the shape of education to guide the work of art to imitate at home and abroad caused great repercussions.

The original meaning of Professor Hiroshi network first came to China 25 years ago, and then came to my school and served as a visiting professor exchange visit, since 1991 and served as dean of the hospital Professor Zhang Nairen together to promote the "Asian design movement", the first first proposed the "Asian design" concept in 1999, South Korea became the drafter of the "Asian design statement" in Beijing set up the "Asian design Research Center," she served as the first president. Compiled a "Code of design education event", "Design Dictionary" (2002), "Asian Art • forces" and other books.