Born in Pudong, Shanghai in 1974. He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, then received his Doctor of Engineering degree from Beijing Institute of Technology. He has been a member of EU's ‘Asian Link' Cultural Heritage Study Program in 2005, and a visiting scholar to Germany.

Current Post

Vice Professor and Master Student Supervisor, School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology

Member, China Industrial Design Association

Member, Cultural Relic Academy China

Standing Vice Secretary General, Beijing Research Association for Modernization of Technology Economics and Mangagement

Evaluation Expert, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Contract Research Fellow, Institute of Beijing Studies

Research Interests

Design aesthetics

The creative methodology

The protection and use of cultural heritage

Selected Publications

A Study on Mosque Culture in Beijing

A Study on World Cultural Heritage Protection in Beijing

A Review of Morphologic Semantics of Advertisement Art

A Study on the Image and Space of the Modern Excellent Architecture Arts in Beijing from the Perspective of Ecology

An Illustrated Book of Beijing City

The Taoist Temple in the Cultural Heritage Protection System in Beijing

The Art Design Guidebook of Website Interface

Translation Works

Product Design

Scientific Research Projects and Achievements

A Study on Mosque Culture in Beijing

The Illustration of the Building Relics in the Beijing and Its Surrouding Areas in Qing Dynasty

A Study on World Cultural Heritage Protection Work

An Illustration of Beijing CIty

A Study on the Modern Excellent Architecture from the perspective of form

A Comparison of Non-material Culture Heritage Protection among China, Japan and South Korea

A Study on Beijing Religious History Heritage

Honors& Awards

Poster Design "to greet the new century“ won the Bronze Prize in the first China Design Art Exhibition

Turret of the Palace Museum won the third group prize of the first "China Ancient Architecture Photography Competition"