Graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts with a master’s degree, and now is associate professor of the Cultural Heritage Department of School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Technology.

Major research interests

Cultural Heritage Conservation  and Design & Art History

Major teaching courses

Introduction to Design

Design History

Design Aesthetics

Chinese Traditional Home Design

Introduction to Cultural Heritage

Scientific research projects

"Pumi Ethnic Cultural Heritage Protection and Development Research”

"Lahu Traditional Paper-cutting Research"

“Influence Study of Chinese Ancient Art Theory on Contemporary Design”

"Chinese Minority Traditional Paper-cut Art Survey and Research”

"Yixing Teapot’s Traditional Production Techniques Research"

“Daokouxiqi Traditional Skills and Protection Research”

“Shandong Time-honored Cultural Heritage Research Project-Old Yimen Traditional Wine-brewing Techniques”

“National Intangible Cultural Heritage Declaration Project Research-Henan Daokou Roast Chicken Traditional Production Techniques”, etc.

Published papers

“The function of the materials science in industrial design”

“Advances in Applied Science and Industrial Technology”

“Water Carriage Culture of Old Daokou Town”

“Art on the Fingertips-Shanxi Xiaxian County Floury Flower Arts and Connotation”

“The Role of Design in the Protection of Cultural Heritage”

Translation works

Design Creates Value-Philips’ Design