Born in Beijing in 1971, graduated from Central Academy of Craft Art (now the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University) with a bachelor’s degree in 1994, and from the Cultural Heritage Department of Brandenburg Technology University with a master’s degree in 2001.

She now is lecturer of Cultural Heritage Department of School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Technology, and member of China Arts and Crafts Society.

She participated in the world cultural heritage monitoring of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2002, and in the research group-“China Luoyang Cultural Heritage Protection and Tourism Development” jointly hosted by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and Italy, as well as completed the Chinese and English report on "Retrospect and Prospect of China's Tourism Industry”. She was also involved in “The Survey and Spatial Data Collection Study of Jinghang Grand Canal”, sub-subject of the National Science and Technology Support Project-“The Application Research of Spatial Information Technology in Great Site Protection(A Case Study of Jinghang Grand Canal)”.