born in Hebei, 1973


2012, Ph.D., Department of Ceramic Design, Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University

1999, MA, Department of Ceramic Design, Central Academy of Arts & Design

1996, BA, Department of Ceramic Design, Central Academy of Arts & Design

Professional Experience

2001-2002, visiting scholar, Dongseo University

1999-, academic staff, Department of Industrial Design(Now School of Design and Arts), Beijing Institute of technology

Current Post

Director, Vice Professor, MA student supervisor, School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

‘Hidden Symmetry: A analysis of Animal Image Structure in the Bronze Mirror Pattern’

‘Visual Thinking Elements in the Paintings of Song Dynasty’

‘Industrial Features of Grit Utensils in Chifeng’

‘The Origin of Chatter Pattern from the Perspectiveof Industral Practice’

‘A study on the Grit Utensils in the kilns of Cizhou’

‘A Collection of Papers of International Design Development and Education: Design Solutions in the Times Change’


‘99 Welcome 21 century Pottery Art Invitation Exhibition’

‘International Ceramic Art Exchange Exhibition’hosted by Tsinghua University

‘Wang Legeng Ceramic Art Works Exhibition’(Dongseo University)

‘The 3rd World Ceramic Art Exhibition’(Icheon, South Korea)

China South Korea Modern Ceramists Exchange Exhibition ‘Open the Door-570miles’

‘Tradition and Direction’ International Ceramic Exchange Exhibition in Memory of the 20th Anniversary of the Relationship Establishment between China and South Korea

Mask Pottery Exchange Exhibition Between China and South Korea

‘ISCAEE International Ceramic Art Education Exchange Seminar on Ceramic Art Exhibition’in Antalya, Turkey
The 1st Tea Culture Exchange Exhibition between China and Japan