Born in Hebei in 1976, graduated from the Decoration Design Department of School of Design at Jiangnan University with a bachelor’s degree in 1998, and from the Visual Communication and Design Department of School of Design at Dongseo University with a master’s degree in 2005. She has taught at Beijing Institute of Technology since 2009, and now is the dean, associate professor and master tutor of the Visual Communication Department of School of Design and Arts at Beijing Institute of Technology. She has participated in the provincial research project “WZ0001” in 2006. Her works have been selected into the Chinese Graphic Design Work Collection, and she has won the Award for Outstanding Performance in KOREAN-SINO VISUAL PERFORMANCE EXPANSION EXHIBITION, the excellence prize in OH! TEAM ILLUSTRATION EXHIBITION and in 2007 La Biennale di Venezia, etc.

Major research interests

Graphic Creativity, Information Design.

Major teaching courses 

Package Design, Originality and Expression of Advertising, Animation Design, Character Design, etc.


Korea Shop Signboard Design


Various Examples with Detailed Analysis, Combined Examples with Detailed Analysis