Born in 1976 in Inner Mongolia, she graduated from the Department of Architectural Engineering of Inner Mongolia University of Technology with the bachelor’s degree of Architecture in 2000. Later she took successive postgraduate and doctoral programs of study in the School of Architecture of Harbin Institute of Technology and graduated with doctor’s degree of Architecture. Since 2008, she has been a teacher in Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT). Now she is a lecturer in the School of Art and Design of BIT as well as the part-time researcher of Extenic of Guangdong University of Technology.

Research direction

Research and Teaching Work on Cross-over study of Extenic and Architectural Design

Major courses

Sketch Design Presentation, Residential Landscape Design and City Public Space Design.


Methods of Extenics Theories and Architectural Design Innovation( paper), Study on the Interior Design Innovation(book).

Masterpieces of design

The Classroom of Children's Palace of Harbin, Lakeside Restaurant of Youth Lake Park of Beijing, Xitang Hotel at Jiashan in Zhejiang Procince, the Library at Hulunbeir in Inner Mongolia, the Indemnificatory Housing of Daniel Fang, the Indemnificatory Housing of Blessing Community at Dachang in Hebei Province.

Research projects

Architectural Interior Space Design Based on Extenics Theory, Research on Architectural Interior Space Design Based on Extenics Theory, Innovation Research of Interior Design and Research on Variable Design of Indemnificatory Housing Based on Space-element and Extension Sets.