Xu Hongwen

Xu Hongwen, whose courtesy name is Yiwen, graduated from the Department of Chinese Traditional Painting of Central Academy of Fine Arts with the bachelor’s degree in 1985. Now he is an associate professor and master supervisor in the School of Art and Design of Beijing Institute of Technology, member of the Department of Chinese poetry academy, Huaiyin Poetry Club, and China International Public Relations Association as well as The Arts Counci.

Major research direction

The Composition of Chinese Painting, Architecture Design and Design of Environmental Planning.


His painting “Night Breeze” won the Special Distinction Award in 1986 World Youth Art Exhibition

Personal Painting Exhibition

Sino-Korean Fine Arts Association Exhibition---The First Memorial Exhibition of the Establishment of Sino-Korea Diplomatic Relations (Beijing and Seoul), Exhibition of the Academy of Chinese Painting (Beijing), Anti-Nuclear Peace Calligraphy Exhibition---Anniversary of Exhibition Nuclear Blast (Japan), Southeast Asia Exhibition Tour of Southeast Asian Chinese Ink Art, Yiwen Art Work Exhibition (Beijing, New Zealand and Australia) and Ink Art Show of Six Artists (Beijing), etc.

Design projects

Architecture Design and Planning of Construction Project including China National Power Dispatching and Communications Center, China Textile Academy, Beijing Military Area, the Commercial Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, Northern Industrial Corporation, Fluke Corporation of America, PANA Tower of Beijing, People's Paradise Shopping Arcade of Wuhan, South science and technology Plaza of Tianjin, Forney Coin Collection World, etc.