Born in 1978 in Harbin, she graduated from the Harbin Institute of technology with the bachelor’s degree of Environmental Art Design and Architecture in 2002. In 2009, she graduated from Konkuk University Korea with the master’s degree of environment Arts Design Since 2002, she has been a teacher in Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT). In 2012, she began worked for a doctorate of Design in BIT.

Currently she is a lecturer at the School of Art and Design, Beijing Institute of technology, a member of Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute, China Institute of Interior Design, Korea Institute of Interior Design as well as an editor of Green Human Habitation,, etc.

Research direction

Research on Landscape Design of Urban public Space and Contemporary Art and Interior Design

Major courses

The Principle of Perspective, Workplace Design and The Arts of Chinese Garden, etc.


His work Landscape Planning and Design of Beijing Qian Men Street participated in The 11th National Art Exhibition and won The Best Model of the Second China's Environmental Art Award; Planning and Design of Harbin's Times Square won Best of Awards of The Second of China's Environmental Art Award (Design); Interior Design of Olympic Linglong Tower won The Second Prize of Huading Award of International Environmental Art Design(Sports); Planning and Design of Signage System of Ningbo Creative Square, Design of 24 "Solar Terms Column" in Chongwen, Beijing won The Best Model in the competition of The third Chinese Environmental Art Award ( Design); Landscape Design of Ningbo Creative Square won The Bronze Award of the First International Congress on Landscape Planning and Design (Ai Jing Award); Landscape Design of Zhongxing Avenue and Zhongxing Square in Western Harbin won The Silver Award of the First International Congress on Landscape Planning and Design (Ai Jing Award).