He was born in Beijing in1957. After 1985 he worked in Department of Industrial Design in Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). In 1995, he graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering of Osaka Institute of Technology. Later he took advanced study and training in the Department of Artistic Design in Chiba Institute of Technology. Then he graduated from the School of Design and Art of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT).

Now he is a lecturer in the School of Art and Design, BIT and a member of Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA).

Major research direction

Modern Lighting Design and Traditional Chinese Home.

Major courses

Environment Lighting Design, Traditional Chinese Home, and Exhibition Design, etc.

Major works

Exhibition Art Design (co-edited), Modern Lighting Design Method and Application and translations including 100 Cases of Excellent Industrial Designs in Japan, New Modern Visual Design, One Hundred Examples of Japanese Advertising, One Hundred Examples of Japan packaging, Lighting Design, Industrial Design Sketch, Tokyo Great Visual, Industrial Design Sketch (2nd Edition)


The Eighth Inter-University Annual Environmental Design Award of China, The Ninth Inter-University Annual Environmental Design Award of China, Outstanding Faculty Adviser (two times).