Associate Professor and Master Tutor

Born in 1973 in Beijing, he graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Beijing Institute of Technology in 1995 and received the bachelor's degree in engineering. He graduated from Academy of Arts and Design, Tsinghua University, in 2004 and received the master's degree. During 2005 and 1998, he worked as the guest designer in Lenovo Computer Co., Ltd., General Director of Beijing Amber Design Co., Ltd., and the Chief Designer of Oka Design Consultants Co., Ltd. (Malaysia). Since 1995, he teaches at the Beijing Institute of Technology.

Now he is the General Manager and General Director of Exmade Industrial Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; Secretary and Associate President of Zhongguancun Industrial Design Industry Association; one of the Directors of China Industrial Design Association, etc.

Main research directions

Product Design and Brand Strategy Study

Main Courses

Conceptual Design, Product Design, Materials and Fabrication, Design Management and Brand Strategy

Major works

Design with Feelings, China Design: outsourcing and competitiveness.

He participated in the projects, such as "P.R.C. 60th anniversary float design", "Ou network interactions robot", "'Champion, Fortuna, the Young' vibration speaker" "Pocket Academy Reader", "Icardpay mini terminal", "M6 lottery sales terminal", "'Hearsay' solar attractions guide folding" and " Haidian District tourism image logo".

His patented works include "Vibration speaker", "Solar car purifier", "Solar portable folding light" and "Solar bird decorative light".

He was awarded the " Silver Prize of Beijing Excellence Industrial Design Competition", "Honorable Mention Prize of Japan International Automotive Design Competition", " Gold Award of Osaka International Design Competition(MITI Minister Award)", "Winner Prize of IF Chinese Design Competition", "First Prize of International Youth Design Entrepreneur Competition (British Council), China", "Gold Award of Beijing Creativity • Youth Designer of the Year", "Gold Prize of China Red Star Design", etc.