Xu Xuan

Born in Susong, Anhui province, in 1973, he graduated from the major of Industrial Design of Anhui Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in 1997. And in 2002, he graduated from Department of Industrial Design, Tsinghua University and received the Master's degree. During 2004 and 2005, he went to University of Milan, Italy, as a visiting scholar. Since 2002, he teaches at the Beijing Institute of Technology.
He is now a lecturer of School Art and Design, BIT.
Main research directions: Computer-aided Design and Research on Design and E-commerce.
Main Courses: Computer-aided Design, Product Thematic Design, Design Basis, etc.

Research projects includes "Appearance design of some self-propelled artillery", "Design of BenQ Albert Series MP3, mobile hard disk and U disk", "Appearance design of fingerprint access control system of Beijing Secureware", "Appearance design of Shenzhen Xiaoyuanding Electronic Reader", " Appearance design of some Flight Simulator", " Appearance and structural design of some server", "Design of single-man-integrated Targeting Instrument", "Design of some tracked infantry fighting vehicles", "Appearance design of some light tank", " Design of some MANPADS targeting instrument", " Interior design of some chariot cab", etc.