Yu Dehua

Lecturer for School of Design and Arts
The Secretary-General of Ming-style furniture Professional Committee in China
National Arts and Crafts Society

Working Experience

He was born in Qingdao in 1982 and has been a teacher in BIT since 2007.He graduated from Wuhan University of Technology with bachelor’s degree in 2005 and obtained maser’s degree from Beijing Institute of Technology in 2007.He has been studying for a doctor’s degree in BIT since 2012.

Major Research Interests

Design and Appreciation of Chinese Traditional Furniture

Co-edited Textbooks

Design Basis of Chinese Classical Furniture
Design Practice of Chinese Classical Furniture


Furniture in Seaweed Cottages in Jiaodong Peninsula
Tradition and Modernity Go Hand in Hand--Analysis of Chinese traditional furniture
and Chinese-style furniture
Summary on the aesthetics of Ming-style furniture
Approaches to Sustainable developments of Chinese Rosewood Furniture Industry
Research on the Digital Preservation System for Chinese Traditional Furniture
The Traditional Crafts of Ming-style Furniture and Its Enlightenment with Thinking
for Modern Wood Green Furniture
Research on Human Factors Engineering of Ming-style Furniture

Research Project Involved

Basic Research of Chinese-style furniture