Yang Xin

Associate Professor and Master’s Supervisor for School of Design and Arts
Deputy President of School of Design and Arts, BIT.
Member of Industry Design Committee in China Association of Machinery Industry
Vice President of Industry Design Association in Zhongguancun

Working Experience

She was born in Tianjin and graduated from the Department of Industry Design at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts with master’s degree of product design in 1988.In 2001,she went to Dongseo University in South Korea as the exchange professor for two years and obtained his master's degree of Product Design from the school of Digital Design.She was the member of Design and Art Education Division under Art Teaching Steering Committee affiliated to Department of Higher Education.

Major Courses

Product Design and Model Making
Professional Basic Design
Color Design
Future Product Design
Three dimensional structure and three-dimensional shape design


The Analysis and Design for Conceptual Cable Car
Modern Product Design trends - Energy Saving, Environmental Protection
Product Design to Convey Color
East meets West-European Clocks Design in 18-19 Century
Judging - Masterwork
The Analysis of Designing Trends for Elderly layer supplies in the Aging World

Projects Involved

Keynote report “Innovative product design is the core of enterprise development”
issued by China Consumer Electronics Conference Session
Keynote report “Design Practice Innovation” issued by Qingdao Workshop about
She has ever served as the leader of France Telecom project development and product evaluation project


The Ninth and Tenth Installment Reform Project Funds of BIT
Outstanding Teacher of "Three Spects of Education" award(2 times)
The course “ Design Practice of New Nissan Concept Car" Won the second prize of
teaching achievement in BIT