Professor and Master Tutor, Zong Mingming

Born in 1957, she pursued her study in Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, obtained her Bachelor's degree and studied at the National College Teachers Seminar of Central Academy of Craft Art (The Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University at present). She once won the German DAAD Scholarships and went to Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions for exchange visits. She was former Dean of the Art Institute of Qiqihar University, vice President of the Association of Art and Design in Heilongjiang Province, Chairman of Qiqihar Municipal Artists Association and the representative of the Tenth People's Congress of Heilongjiang Province.
She mainly engages in industrial design modeling basis, teaching and research of design theory.

She has published many academic papers, such as "Concept and Practice of German Modern Designing", "On Format Design with rules, but without formulations", "Overview of European Industrial Design Education", "Methodology of bionics in modern design innovation", "Study on Germany Ulm Design Education System", "The Application of Super Short Linen Fiber Compound Material in Furniture Design", "A Thinking of Conserving Industrial Cultural Heritage in Heilongjiang" and "Analysis of Potential Risks in Industrial Design and the Study to Deduce Them", etc.

She has participated in research projects, such as "Analysis of Potential Risk Factors in Art Design and the Research on Mitigating and Blocking Strategies", "Successful Education Model - Research and Practice of Germany Modern Design Education", "Research and Practice of Modern Art Design Education", "Enlightenment of Nature: Bionics and Modern Design Methods", "Research on Design Application of Wood Composites", "Research and Development of “Clouds” clothes brand affiliated to Linen processing engineering center of Ministry of Education ", etc.

She once went to attend the “Sino-South Korea Artwork Exhibition”; her artwork “Mountain Walk”, “Clouds” and “Auspicious Clouds and Jade” were selected into “Beijing-Lausanne International Fiber Art Biennial Exhibition”; “Clouds” selected into “2nd China-South Korea Female Graphic Design Exchange Exhibition”; and her artwork "Golden Age" was selected" in "Heilongjiang Eleventh Art Exhibition" and won the silver medal.