Born in 1963, Huainan, Hanhui Province


1990, MA, Department of Industrial Design, Beijing Institute of Technology
1984, BA, Department of Precision Instruments in Optical Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology

Professional Experiences

1984-1987, Engineering Assistant in Yunnan Optical Instrument Factory

Current Post

Vice Professor, Postgraduate Supervisor, School of Design and Arts, Beijing Institute of Technology

Courses in Charge

Product Design
Mechanism and Structure Design
Basics of Industrial Design Methodology

Research Interests

Product Design and Method Research

Selected Publications

Textbook ‘Industrial Design and Methodology’

Scientific Research Projects

Man-environment and inter-outer decorative design for 96 6X6 amoured car
155 mm self-propelled artillery HMI trade Man-environment and inter-outer decorative design
New 122 mm self-propelled artillery Man-environment and inter-outer decorative design
'212 Project' Man-environment design
Grenade series of industrial design
A missile HMI system design
Foreign 8x8 infantry fighting vehicles industrial design
A foreign trade tracked armored personnel carriers industrial design
A tractor trailer industrial design
A remote weapon station industrial design
A remote rocket launching system man-environment design
Space station environment system design