Born in 1957, Zhenjiang province,Professor of Beijing University, is now the "China Network" columnist experts.

In 1982 he graduated from Nanjing Normal University fine arts department (BA), in 1985 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art History Art History Department of Foreign Professional (Master), the Institute of Art History (PhD) University of Heidelberg. He taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts (1985 - 1986) and Peking University (1987-present). In modern art, specializing in art academic research in the Han Dynasty. 1978.2-1982.2 Nanjing Normal University Department of Fine Arts painting professional • Bachelor 1982.2-1985.1 Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts history • Master 1990.6-1995 German Institute for Art History, University of Heidelberg, Dr. 1985.2-1987.6 • Central Academy of Fine Arts, lecturer 1987.6- Beijing University lecturer, associate professor and professor.