She was born in Changsha, Hunan Province in August 1969 and obtained her Doctor’s Degree of the Department of Design and Art of Beijing Institute of Technology in 2010. Since 1994 she has been teaching in Beijing Information Science & Technology University. She had part time job in China Industrial Design Association and Beijing Industrial Design Center.

She is currently Professor, Master’s thesis advisor and the Secretary of the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Electromechanical Engineering of the Beijing Information Science and Technology University, and the Director of the Fourth Committee of Beijing Industrial Design Promotion Organization.

The courses she teaches include: Industrial Design Theories, Numerically Controlled Machine Tool Design, History of Design, and Two-Dimensional Composition. She is author of Universal Design – Psychological Care Design Research and Practice and editor of History of Industrial Design, Values of Design and Chinese Industrial Design Almanac. Papers she published include: “Cardinal on Style Image Cognition of Machine Center”, “Network-Based Kinetic Categorization of Image”, “Mathematical Definition of Styling & Image of Machining Centers”, “Emerging Asian Design and Design Strategies”, and “Design Concept and Methods of Green Service”.

She was in charge of 4 municipal projects, including “ZH5120 Vertical Drilling and Milling Center Design Research and Development” and “μ-Level Numerically Controlled Vertical Transverse Arc Grinding Machine”, and 3 National projects, including “World Memory – Digital Tomba Heritage Sharing Platform Research”. She has 1 software copyright of “Product Semantics of Numerically Controlled Device and Man-Machine Engineering Online Database System V1.0”, and 5 design patents, including, “Photovoltaic Inverter Cabinet”, “Robotic Arm-Shaped Body Temperature Measurement Device”, “Horizontal Machining Center”, “Numerically Controlled Grinding Machine”, and “Numerically Controlled Machine Tool”. Her awards include: third prize in the Forth Beijing Higher Education Young Educator Teaching Ability Competition, Outstanding Paper Award of the 11th International Computer-Aided Industrial Design and Concept Design Academic Conference, Outstanding Paper of A Decade of China Industrial Design Association. The symbol of “Beijing Numerically Controlled Equipment Innovation Alliance” that she designed and her work “Technology Choice for the Improvement of Competitiveness for Numerically Controlled Equipment Industry by Industrial Design” were adopted by Beijing Productivity Center.