He currently teaches in Tianjin University of Technology and is Senior Visiting Scholar of Central Academy of Fine Art, editor of Journal of Machine Design, and Deputy Secretary-General of Tianjin Association of Design.

His areas of concentration include: modern industrial design methods, man-machine engineering, product design, frontier manufacturing technology, and interdisciplinary cooperation in industrial design. Courses he teaches include: Introduction to Industrial Design, Introduction to Industrial Design Engineering, Man-Machine Engineering, Introduction to Mechanic Design, Reverse Engineering and Prototype Manufacturing Technology, and Product Design.

Zhang was in charge of 1 Culture, Art & Science research project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, 1 SME Technology Innovation Fund project sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, 1 Tianjin scientific project, 2 Tianjin SME Technology Innovation Special Fund projects, 4 Regional SME Technology Innovation Special Fund projects, 3 university-level Education Research & Reform projects and over 10 enterprise-sponsored projects. He is also responsible for multiple enterprises’ scientific projects.

Zhang is first author of over 20 papers, 10 of which were published in core Chinese journals, and is chief editor of 2 books. He has been granted more than 20 patents and 2 software copyrights. His awards & affiliations include: the First Automobile Award, Lotus Prize, “Zhenhai Cup” International Industrial Design Contest, and National “Chint Electrical Cup” Creation Competition; awards of various professional skills competitions; Outstanding Graduate Design Advisor of Tianjin University of Technology (three years in a streak); responsible for holding International Design Innovation Summit Forum in 2010 and 2011; and responsible for holding 2 sessions of World Chinese Innovation Competition. In 2012, he attended the award ceremony of Red Star Concept Award in Singapore, and in May 2014, he was invited to attend Wuxi International Design Expo Forum and delivered a speech in the forum.