He was born in Beijing in November 1981. In 2006, he received his Master’s Degree from the School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology. He once worked in Siemens China, Beijing Lianzhong and NHN China.

He was the lecturer in Cross-Platform Design of Search Products Workshop of UCD, Study on and Design of Cross-Platform Products Workshop of UPA, Research on Agile User Experience: An In-Depth Analysis of Baidu Vertical Search Products, Research on Agile User Experience: Big Data Analysis, Evolution of the Design of Baidu Map, and IXDC open course – A View on Experience Values from the Perspective of Product Anatomy. He was also the host of Experience Strategy Summit, an international design conference of IXDC in 2014.

He is currently Manager of Senior User Experience Design of Baidu.

His areas of concentration include: study on users of LBS product line and interactive design, and study on users of Baidu Vertical Search Engine and products of community, search, knowledge and internationalization.