He was born in 1981 and graduated from the School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology. In 2006, he received his Master’s Degree from the school. In 2008, he graduated from Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design and obtained his Master’s Degree.

He worked as part-time Lecturer of Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, and Director of Concept Visualization Lab, 4i Institute, Germany. In 2013, he founded Aquacatta GmbH, an interactive design company.

He is currently the CEO/CCD of Aquacatta GmbH, Lecturer of Steinbeis Business Academy, part-time Lecturer of University of Wuppertal, member of Innovation Alliance Germany and member of 4xI institute.

His concentration is interactive design and courses he teaches include: Industrial Modelling, Introduction to Algorithm Modelling, Structural Algorithm Design, Industrial Virtual Animation and Interactive Development, Interactive Presentation, and Introduction to Interactive Design. In May 2014, the School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology started to offer those courses mentioned above.

Scientific Research he participated in include: “Gesture and Movement Recognition Algorithm and GMRA-Based Man-Machine Interface Structure Study and Prototype” and “Design Study and Prototype Development by Applying Viscosity Measurement Algorithm ”. His mobile device structure design “A Kind of Mobile Phone” obtained a patent. His work “I Remember” was in “Material Medium” Exhibition and was rated “Best Work”. His work “Floating Islands” was in London Festival of Architecture 2010(LFA).