She obtained her Master’s Degree from the School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology in 1999.

She is currently Senior Manager of Retail Experience Design of Lenovo Innovation Center, Director and Panel Member of China Fashion & Color Association, Director of China Industrial Design Association, Director of Beijing Industrial Design Center, Director of Zhongguancun Design Industry Association, member of Design Management Institute, and member of Industrial Designers Society of America.

Since 2001, she has been in charge of designing new identity of Lenovo 2000, consolidating server identity, establishing the world-leading Color, Material & Finish Lab, and conducting software interactive design in Yoga Project. She was selected as consultant for the design of Beijing Olympic torch. Her solution to design the torch roll as a whole was adopted among other 388 ones and finally became the reality. In May of the same year, she participated in the Olympic Torch Relay as a torchbearer in Kashi, Xinjiang.

Awards she took include: Lenovo Qianmen Flagship store won the second prize in A' Design Award & Competition; Beijing Olympic torch Xiangyun won the second prize in IDEA; Tianyi F20 won “Most Successful Product Design in 2007”; Yoga won “best of the best” in RedDot Concept Design Award; ET960 won the first prize in China Color Competition held by China Fashion & Color Association; Tianji XP100 won the first prize in Chinese Enterprise Product Innovation Award; Annual Youth of the First Beijing Design Award; 2007-2008 Contribution Prize in China Color Award of China Fashion & Color Association; Mention Honor in China Top Ten Outstanding Youth in Design Industry.