Liao Wei was born in Sichuan Province in January 1975. He graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Beijing Institute of Technology. In 2001, he received his Master’s Degree in Mechanic Design and Theories in BIT.

He was the co-founder and design director of Beijing Lifang Innovative Design Limited Company and worked as a lecturer and the Director of the Department of Industrial Design of Beijing Art and Design College. In 2005, he started to teach in the College of Art and Design of Beijing University of Technology (BJUT).

Liao is currently the Deputy Dean of BJUT College of Art and Design Department, the Director of the Department of Industrial Design, Visiting Deputy Professor of the Center for Design Research of Stanford University, the Deputy Director of the organizing committee for Formula E Design Championship (China), and member of the Committee of Experts of the Red Star Design Award.

His areas of concentration are design thinking and design education.

Exhibitions he participated in include: the Milan Furniture Fair•Salone Satellite, the Lacquer Works Academic Nomination Exhibition, the first Beijing International Design Triennial and the Contemporary Chinese Design Exhibition. Projects he was in charge of include: “Brand Strategy and Product Planning Design” (Polaris), “Concept Design and Presentation” (Nokia China), “Research on the Design Industry of Yangzhou”, “Product Identity Research and Design for Welder” (Time Group Inc.), “Standardization of Beijing Public Facilities” (part of Olympic Program), and “Study on Urban lifestyles and Public Facilities Design”. In 2008, he was elected as one of the designers for the Olympic torch as the head of the Design Team of Beijing University of Technology. In 2013, he worked as advisor for graduate students of the “Material-lead Innovation” program.