He graduated from the Department of Industrial Design of Beijing Institute of Technology in 1995. He is currently Premier Scholar of Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation, Deputy Professor of the Department of Industrial Design of the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Deputy Director of the Design Strategies and Prototype Innovation Institute of the Arts and Science Research Center of Tsinghua University, Deputy Secretary-General of Zhongguancun Industrial Design Association, and Consultant of the Committee for Semi-Conductor Lighting Technology and Application of China Illuminating Engineering Society.

His areas of concentration include: thinking patterns and methods of design, design in sociology and lifestyle, and material structure and techniques. He edited Methods of Industrial Design and Strategies for the Development of Art & Design Education in China: Artistic Design and Relevant Strategies Study.

He was chief designer of “the LED Lighting Renovation of the Galaxy of Lights of Great Hall of the People”. Scientific research that he participated in include: “Art Design Industry Development Strategy Study”, “Research on Sustainable Design Concepts, Methods and Practice Education”, “Theories and Practice of Design & Art Disciplines – Innovation Mechanism Study Based on Interdisciplinary Research Combining Art and Science”, “Innovation Design Study: Thinking Pattern, Methodology, and Design Education”, “A Comparative Study of Design Industry Competitiveness between China and Other Countries”, “Preparatory Research on the Project of Oceanic Comprehensive Resource Research Ship and Parent Ship-Supported Manned Submersible”, “Research on Operator-friendly System for Oceanic Scientific Research Ship”, and “Semi-Conductor Lighting System Research and Innovation Design.” His patents include: “A Kind of Chair that Changes with People’s Posture”, “A Kind of LED Radiator”, “A Kind of Vertical Convectional Radiator and A Kind of Vertical Convectional Down Light”, “Load-Bearing Structure”, and “High-Power LED Light”.

His awards include: light design won the second prize in 1996 Beijing Industrial Design Award, children displayer won Outstanding Concept Design Award in 1997 China Contemporary Art & Design Exhibition, customs laser anti-counterfeiting blocking machine won Outstanding CE Product Award of 1999 Hong Kong Design Association, “Feixiang” street light for Olympic Central District won 2008 China Industrial Design Red Star Award, “Lafeng” street light won the second prize in 2012 China Industrial Design Red Star Award. One of his papers won the first prize in Outstanding Paper of a Decade in Chia Industrial Design Award.