On August 29, 2016, at the invitation of the School of Design and Arts (SDA) of Beijing Institute of Technology, Professor Gert Trauernicht and Professor Andreas Kalweit of the Department of Industrial Design of the University of Wuppertal visited SDA and hosted a one-week design workshop, on the theme of Energy Efficiency in Private Homes.

The design workshop this year succeeded last year’s workshop, which concentrated on solutions to the precaution and management of smog, and changed its focus to energy efficiency in private homes. During the one-week activity, students of SDA get to fully experience German thinking patterns and methods of design. Participants of the workshop include industrial design majors from the class of 2014, second-year students in the graduate school and research and development staff from Orient Sundar Windoor Co., Ltd. The workshop is a trial for the collaboration of production, studying and research, with the aim of exploring paths and methods to enhance the quality of education as well as scientific research.

On August 29, students gave report on their early-stage investigation and received reviews from the two professors. On August 30, after reporting their research plans, each team of students went out to make further investigation. On 5 pm, each group gave report on the issues they found. They would continue to solve the issues and put up with innovative ideas.


Professors Giving Reviews

Outdoors Investigation & Group Discussion

Display & Review of Results


A Brief Introduction of Visiting Professors

Gert Trauernicht

Gert Trauernicht, professor of the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Design and Arts of the University of Wuppertal, also head of international communication.

Professor Gert has long devoted to research concerning experience design and design strategies. He has provided design services to multiple famous enterprises, including Texas Instruments, Acer, Pepsi, MBRAUN, Siemens, Lufthansa German Airlines, Porsche, Samsung, Airbus and so forth.


Andreas Kalweit

Andreas Kalweit, professor and dean of the Department of Industrial Design of the School of Design and Arts of the University of Wuppertal. His research focuses on the application of manufacturing science and material science in industrial design. He has some industry-funded research projects, such as Voice Design, Medical Product Design, Kite Surfing Design and so on.